You will need the following to become a Debt Settlement Agent:

  •  You must be or become a Certified Notary Public
  •   Undergo training specific to Debt Settlement
  •   Have reliable transportation
  •   Have high speed internet access 
  •   Have a good quality printer, fax and scanner
A strong desire to help American families get back on financial track...

Consumers who use debt settlement are those who are experiencing legitimate financial hardships, cannot afford to repay their debts through debt management plans offered by the non-profit consumer credit counseling agencies and who also want to avoid filing bankruptcy. For this reason, debt settlement falls between consumer credit counseling and bankruptcy.
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Unmatched Ethics and attention to detail...

You will be handling confidential client information.  You must adhere to strict Federal guidelines and be beyond reproach.
I called as a potential client… I became a Field Representative. The additional income is wonderful and I’m making a difference... OH
I’m in a rural area where everyone knows me… I’m very comfortable offering this as an additional service.... OK
My wife joined the debt settlement program. After seeing first-hand how it worked, I joined as a field agent. I enjoy helping people eliminate one more stressor from their lives... IN
I first heard about debt settlement from a Notary Signing agency online. At first I thought claiming to be a “representative” was fraudulent and misleading. After the training, I found it wasn’t so. I’m so glad to have taken advantage of this opportunity to expand my existing mobile notary business... CA is an independent and informative website used for the sole purpose of educating and recruiting Debt Settlement Field Agents nationwide.  

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Want to Become A Debt Settlement Agent?
If you are accustomed to providing high quality and personal service, becoming a debt settlement agent may be the perfect fit for you. Offering this as an additional service provides an opportunity to help you the small business owner grow your mobile notary business and also helps solve the growing problem of financial hardships for American consumers.